Why single number customer metrics are flawed

Hoed_Consumer The following is an abbreviation of an article written by Gerry Brown on 31 Jan 2019 (www.mycustomer.com). In the world of business, and more specifically customer experience, the focus on single number metrics, whether that be NPS, CES or CSAT, has for many reached mythical proportions. They rarely tell the whole story, or even the right story, when it comes to measuring true business success through a customer’s eyes, and their resulting emotions. Using a single question or number, whether it relates to a customers’ willingness to recommend the ease of the transaction may be mildly interesting but is sadly lacking in the kind of insight that businesses need to deliver consistent, memorable and differentiated customer experiences – and to stay in business. Really understanding your customers’ needs and wants, the differences between them, and how they truly feel about your company from an ‘emotional’ perspective are critical, non-negotiable elements in measuring what is important to them, and their decision to continue to do business with you. It’s the language not the number that really translates into action. In those cases where a deeper, more meaningful long-term relationship is desired, a single headline metric is wholly lacking in emotional or personal context. A recent poll conducted by Marketforce showed that 66% of respondents believed that a combination of metrics, especially those featuring experiential and emotional values, will be the most widely used method in the next five years.