What is the new tech really telling us?

Let’s face it we all love a new piece of tech, or a shiny new car, or a new mobile phone. However, when we speak of the new tech evolving within the ‘market research’ CX industry, many businesses still do not consider the ‘deliverable’ aspect sufficiently enough, before introducing new feedback methodologies. And let’s face it, there are a plethora of options on the market. 

New tech looks and sounds sexy, even trendy, and the hard sell is that it is the new way to go because it’s more efficient. However, in our experience, there can be many limitations which will only manifest themselves over time.

For Example: the NPS chart above produces a single value (number) which either moves up or down, depending on the number of responses received. Sometimes a further question can be included to clarify why a particular selection was made. However, the technology itself is designed to automatically search for common keywords based on frequency thresholds, which apparently make it easier to locate themes without having to read through feedback. This is a “vague and ineffective” response to your Customer Experience (CX) efforts. Good CX requires a more robust approach, to uncover real value that will help grow your business.

Another factor to consider when introducing automatic feedback mechanisms is ‘survey fatigue’, which is currently at an all-time high, resulting in many customers not bothering to respond to a request for feedback. Those that do, are either already annoyed about something or simply responding because they think they need to, OR simply doing so to get it out of the way. Thus, the data or insights collected can be extremely biased and skewed, which ultimately provides an incomplete picture of your business delivery.

During our many years of providing mystery shopping services to businesses in both New Zealand and Australia, we have found that some businesses that have switched to a technology driven platform only, realise the need for more in-depth insights, and will revert to including their original Mystery Shopping program as an additional check. 

At HOED Research we too are advocates for innovation and are always looking to improve our processes, but we also know what works and how to get ‘real results’. So, if you’re looking for a solution to your customer experience feedback needs, contact us today and we can organise an online Teams or physical meeting to present ways in which we can help you.