What is the best measure of customer satisfaction?

There are so many variables to this question, depending on the type of business, size, location, etc. And not to forget everyone will have a differing opinion of what works and what does not.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a commonly used measurement for customer satisfaction. You ask your customers to rate their satisfaction on a linear scale. Your survey scale can be 1 – 3, or 1 – 5 (most common), or 1 – 7, or 1 – 10, and there is no universal agreement on which scale is best to use. 

There are other common metrics for tracking your customer satisfaction score, for example making use of stars, smiley faces, and net promoter score, etc. 

And then there is something called ‘survey fatigue’ which has become a common challenge. It’s almost as if we have gone full circle in terms of digital feedback options. In the beginning it was trendy or kind of neat to share your views via a link, QR Code, or instore iPads. However, nowadays everything you receive, or view, has a request for some form of feedback. It’s becoming more intrusive and wearisome. Particularly when you receive the second or third ‘reminder’ that you have not responded to a previous request, which you intended to ignore anyway.

So how else can a business obtain regular feedback?

Mystery shopping, also known as secret shopping, is an effective method for evaluating customer service and the working environment. The benefits are:

  • Unbiased insights: mystery shoppers provide objective feedback, as they are not affiliated with the business in any way.
  • Real-world insights: it reflects actual customer experiences.
  • Employee training: identifies training needs for staff.
  • Benchmarking: allows for comparison across different locations or time periods.

In summary, mystery shopping ‘complements’ traditional metrics by offering real-world qualitative insights. It helps businesses fine tune customer service and create a positive atmosphere. 

Mystery shopping has also undergone significant transformation, making it more relevant than ever, and is evolving with technological advancements, making it a powerful tool for businesses. 

If you have never used mystery shopping before, try it, give it a go. You don’t need to lock yourself into a long-term contract and can utilise on an ad hoc basis. We’ll be happy to take you through the methodology in terms of setup and demonstrate the many benefits.

Our team’s extensive experience with various clients allows us to offer valuable insights and practical solutions, so let’s connect and discuss how we can best support your business. 

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