What about Email communications?

Vigil Smart Devices - Mall-21 (2) Receiving and sending email in a work situation has become fundamental and a primary requirement, yet it would appear that very little has changed regarding an individual’s ability to ‘manage’ their email. I’m not referring to technical in the sense of opening, closing, forwarding, typing and so on, but the actual management of the “communications” aspect of email. Writing emails, timely responses, acknowledgements, taking action, forwarding, deleting and general management of ones communications. This may seem like a strange topic to bring up, however it is potentially a huge limiting factor within organisations. How often do you speak to someone who complains about ABC Company not responding to their emails or a lack of acknowledgement, badly written emails, confused messages and so on? Certain individuals can be very good communicators in a meeting environment, comfortable with using voice as their main instrument of communication. However, this same person may not be very good with the written word and lack the fundamental understanding of written communications. Certain people are bad spellers or have difficulty or a lack of confidence when using the ‘written’ language. Most teachings and courses are to do with the technical aspect of email, using Outlook, creating folders etc. When last did you receive any direct feedback regarding your written email, the layout or even your response or lack of response? This is an area that is overlooked which can have serious implications in a world that relies on fast, effective, accurate and efficient communications, particularly as a business. Richard J Potton – Managing Director HOED NZ Ltd Email: richard@hoed.co.nz