VIGIL launches real-time customer feedback service

HOED’s sister company Vigil has launched a new Customer Experience Management (CEM) service, which collects, collates and analyses real-time customer feedback data, using the customers technology of choice, be it Smartphone, Tablet, PC or other via Text, QR Code scan or URL web link. Vigil’s real time tools provide an immediate response to issues via Email and/or Text to key people in your organisation. This fantastic service is NOT a replacement for Mystery Shopping which offers a more in depth audit of a given location, instead Vigil uses short surveys over multiple campaigns to provide you with additional direct customer insights. Used in conjunction with HOED services Vigil offers a complimentary view of the customer experience.  So start a conversation with your customers in the technology of their choice today. To find out more about how you can receive a constant measure of your customers’ experience, please contact a Vigil team member on 0800 164470 or email or view the website at