Top 6 ways to drive ‘proactive’ customer engagement.

A more engaged customer presents significantly more value for businesses, and therefore many organisations are moving to develop strategies that enable proactive interactions with their customers.

When done right, proactive customer engagement will make it easier for customers to engage with your brand whilst also improving the customer experience in the process. 

Other outcomes and common measures of greater customer engagement include:

  • Value: measured by increased share of wallet, overall spend, and product usage.
  • Advocacy: measured by the degree to which customers recommend your products and services to others.
  • Retention: measured by relationship duration and customer lifetime value (CLV)

Ultimately, when we talk about proactive customer engagement, the key word is “proactive.” 

From a business perspective, this can mean that you’re actively reaching out to customers with the right information at the right time – and pushing beyond simply being proactive  to anticipating customer needs, boosting engagement, and increasing relevance.

From a customer perspective, it means they are able to ‘proactively engage’ with your brand. Customers can gain access to whatever they want and need from your business on their terms: when and where they want, and how they want. Interactions made simple and easily accessible. 

What a shift to ‘proactive’ customer engagement looks like:

Moving away from:

  • Calling customer service.
  • High customer effort.
  • Customers telling you what they need.
  • Customers searching for solutions.
  • High cost of serving customers.

Moving towards:

  • Ability to self-serve
  • Effortless customer experiences
  • Anticipating customer needs.
  • Solutions presented to customers
  • Lower cost & effort to serve customers

As we mentioned, the value of more engaged customers is significant, and an organisation that is developing strategies to enable proactive interactions with their customers, as well as making it easier for customers to get answers to their questions – ensuring they don’t have to go looking for them.

If your organisation is looking to boost engagement with your customers, here are six of the best strategies that leading organisations are currently utilising to do so:

  1. Know your customer: Using tools like ‘consumer surveys’ (all forms of CX feedback and assessment) to understand groups of customers but also interpreting your data to better understand customers on an individual level.
  2. Leverage the data surrounding your customer: All organisation receives and hold rich data about their customers, the difference lies in how you use this data to better anticipate customer needs based on patterns, history, and preferences. 
  3. Make it easy for customers to connect: Facilitate connections across all channels and interactions, including online, offline, direct, and indirect.
  4. Enable intuitive self-serve options: These options should be simple to find and use – making it easy to get answers and resolve issues. However, providing a means for self-service does not replace other channels, but instead provides additional ways to get what customers need.
  5. Ensure swift resolution to any issues: A “fast” resolution should be “fast” as defined by your customer and not limited by your processes, systems, or structure. Make it a priority. In general we rate this as the leading key performance indicator.  
  6. Show them you care: In conclusion, doing these few things will go a long way towards showing customers you care. But don’t stop there.  

The bottom line is that proactive customer engagement is a lifetime commitment for businesses as consumers, technology and systems are forever changing. It’s an important part of creating a holistic customer experience. 

Ultimately, the overall goal is about building a highly loyal and more valuable customer base that will advocate for your business. This creates unassailable relationships at every stage of the customer journey – and drives business growth as a result.

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