Three months in, and how is everyone feeling?

Leave it to us and get real insight.

You’ve brought in a new team member, settled them in, and they’re working with you.
But how do they really feel about the role, the company and their future with you?

Getting that information out of someone sitting on the other side of a desk can be complicated. Bias, issues with power dynamics, personality mixes and knowing what questions to ask can all skew the effectiveness of the 90-day review.

Using external interviewers, with structured reporting methods help you to receive deeper insights and give you a broader picture of how your new team member is faring, and their insights about your company.

Capturing information this rich can help you transform your business, your team culture, and your performance
It makes sense to use external help.

HOED’s team of interviewers are geared up and ready to help you outsource this task into very capable hands.

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