They’ll tell five people if happy. And thousands if not.

Do you have visibility across your various Online Enquiry platforms, such as Direct Email, Web Forms, Contact Us, Web Chat etc?

Hundreds of emails in everyone’s inboxes every day. But some emails stick out.

There are those that bring assurance and demonstrate responsiveness and a high degree of care and professionalism. These build your customer loyalty.

And then there are those emails that cause people to head for social media to complain and share. (sometimes going viral).

Emails and technology have given us a tremendous opportunity to up the levels of customer service with ease. But alongside this is a growing expectation that clients will be kept in the loop, responded to quickly, and are provided with the information they need.

And always, with a brand-appropriate communication response.
Don’t wait for a social media storm to illuminate what’s really going on in your team’s emails. Use our kiwi-based team at HOED to provide detailed reporting on your online enquiry processes and communications.