iStock_000015634604Large We recently questioned what it is that we do as a business and the ‘what’ we do became the focal point, as we discussed various service offerings and programs. We know ‘what we do’ and hopefully so do our customers, otherwise we have not done a very good job. We put a lot of effort into promoting our services and what we can do to best assist our customers. When someone asks us what we do, we explain the different services and products we are able to offer, and the benefits to the user. The ‘what’ we do is also extensively explained in our promotional literature and various websites. However, at some point the conversation turned to ‘WHY’ we do what we do. This was a turning point and led to a dramatic shift in the discussion and our thinking. Collectively we began to question WHY we do what we do. Why are we in business, the ‘why’ the major focus. And the answer was simply that we are passionate about Excellent Customer Service. Everything we do is about enhancing and supporting our customers’ ability to provide excellent customer service which in turn leads to higher revenues, overall business prosperity and wealth creation. By viewing our own business from the inside out, changes everything. We have a better understanding of WHY we are in business and WHY we offer the services we do. We are extremely passionate about what we do and understanding this basic reason is core to our continued growth and the growth of our partners and customers. Why don’t you start thinking about your business from the inside out and I’m sure your perspective will change markedly. Richard J Potton – Managing Director HOED & VIGIL Email: or Twitter: richardjpotton