The Role of Mystery Shopping on Customer Experience (CX)

Mystery Shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools for evaluating employee performance and business operations but there are many more benefits, which contribute to building on a business’s strengths and weaknesses.

So what are some of these benefits?

  • Obtaining Impartial Evaluation

All businesses set out standards and operational procedures for employees to follow and it’s not always that these standards aren’t implemented or communicated effectively. Staff can simply become complacent over time or require further training, and as a result, customer satisfaction can be affected.

As a business owner or supervisor of staff, you cannot always be evaluating the level of service provided by staff nor will the evaluation of results be impartial or accurate, as staff will typically provide an extra level of performance when they know they’re being directly supervised. 

Alternatively, Mystery Shopping provides real-time results of the customer service provided and the overall product or service received from the consumer standpoint. This information provides actionable insights, which businesses can utilise to measure KPI’s and enhance business offerings.

  • Expert Analysis

The evaluation results received from mystery shoppers are not merely the results of individual observation. HOED Mystery shoppers are equipped with strategic guidelines, tasks and requirements that are crafted to achieve the best results for each client in relation to their KPIs and KRAs. 

The professionalism and experience of our field force of Mystery Shoppers provides them with unique knowledge about consumer shopping behaviours according to their respective demographic categories. This means that they have a deeper understanding of how businesses can achieve better performance from a consumer’s perspective. 

  • Competitor evaluation

Mystery shopping also allows for analysation of competitor performance. Insights received from this real-time competitive analysis allows a business to enhance their offerings and secure a greater competitive advantage in the market.

  • How does this affect (CX) Customer Experience?

Mystery Shopping is a CX management tool that enables the collection of data necessary to identify customer pain points.

As we know, the data or results received from Mystery Shopping can be used to enhance business offerings and the service provided, which inherently means that the customer experience will be improved. 

Mystery Shopping is an under-utilised trade secret. Industry expertise has found that Mystery Shopping will continue to evolve in scope to become the preferred research choice for Customer Experience Feedback.

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