The power of three!

executive-dashboard Trends don’t lie. It is practically irrefutable when three or more survey rounds or waves are conducted and the trend indicates a problem or area for improvement on each occasion. A mishap on one occasion can be forgiven but two mishaps in a row indicates an issue, whilst three mishaps in a row definitely suggests there is a problem that requires fixing or investigating. This is the beauty and simplicity of Mystery Shopping – the trends don’t lie. Invariably the problem is not doing anything about it. Consistent reporting will indicate areas of concern, however we constantly see the same result time after time, going unnoticed or falling into the too hard basket. Although a well-worn cliché ‘you cannot manage it if you don’t measure it’ it is just as counterproductive if the problem is ignored and nothing is done about it. Richard Potton, Managing Director HOED NZ Ltd Tweet: @richardjpotton