The benefits of Mystery Shopping

Many businesses will say they are doing well and do not require a Mystery Shopping programme, thereby relying solely on feedback left on a card, over their website or by other means such as the use of real-time feedback using a provider such as This is great but is it enough? We think not.  Mystery shopping provides an unbiased, objective look at your service at any given time and should be viewed as a site and staff Audit, rather than direct customer feedback. They are polar opposites providing a different view of the business. By utilising a Mystery Shopping programme Managers are able to focus on keeping service consistently high by pinpointing and correcting any service deficiencies instead of waiting for a guest to comment on them. Another benefit of Mystery Shopping (especially retail shopping) is that it continues to keep your employees honest.  Measuring internal KPI’s in every report, can strengthen any vulnerabilities and weed out dishonest employees.  Just knowing that any customer can be a potential mystery shopper will lower the chance that employees will steal.  A rather fortunate side effect of this is that it will probably raise your revenues as theft goes down. Another thing that we hear quite often is the ever popular, “It is not in our budget” or “We cannot afford it right now.”  We know all too well the pressures of saving money and cutting costs to have a better bottom line.  However, this is also short sighted. The proper way to cut costs is to achieve efficiency. With significant service improvements and revenue increases that your company can achieve by properly utilizing mystery shopping, it should be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. Contact the HOED team at hoed or call Richard on 0800 164470 Twitter: @richardjpotton