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Why brands are desperate to overhaul outdated customer data strategies.

Today’s customer experience data programmes are not fit for purpose, with nearly 75% of brands seeking to alter their CX data strategy due to changes in customer needs and inadequate infrastructure. Customer experience leaders are desperate to improve their strategic use of customer data, with many CX data programmes not fit for purpose, according to new[…]

Benefits of Mystery Shopping.

Mystery shopping is undoubtedly one of the best tools that businesses can use to measure the quality of service in their stores, staff performance levels, compliance with rules and regulations or simply just to acquire specific information about their products and services. Mystery shopping benefits the business as it gives owners reliable and objective feedback[…]

Five ways to drive value enhancement.

Historically, customer service and support leaders have focused on protecting the bottom line through efficient, cost-effective customer service interactions, designed to resolve customer issues as effortlessly as possible. But in doing so, organisations are missing an opportunity to drive tangible business outcomes, specifically by leveraging service interactions in a way that boosts customer loyalty outcomes such as[…]

What is the new tech really telling us?

Let’s face it we all love a new piece of tech, or a shiny new car, or a new mobile phone. However, when we speak of the new tech evolving within the ‘market research’ CX industry, many businesses still do not consider the ‘deliverable’ aspect sufficiently enough, before introducing new feedback methodologies. And let’s face[…]

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mystery Shopping Company.

Mystery Shopping is still identified as one of the BEST TOOLS to measure quality of customer service, or to gather specific information about products and services, which can then be utilised to further train staff where necessary or to innovate and improve existing products and services so that they’re consistently aligning with or exceeding consumer expectations.[…]

CX using Mystery Shopping: Meeting the demand of today's consumers.

Having the ability to obtain direct feedback of the customer experience (CX) is essential for sustainable growth and the ongoing improvement of business service standards. Utilising Mystery Shopping is still one of the best methods for discovering and evaluating systemic issues within your business. Why use Mystery Shopping? Mystery shopping was identified as the best[…]

Deprioritising Customer Experience During Hard Times – What's the Cost?

It’s a given that Customer Experience Leaders and Business Owners/Heads of Operations will have completely different priorities as both see the business in a different light. As a matter of fact, COVID-19 has only pushed businesses to focus on their “Operational priorities” and decrease their focus towards “Customer Experience”. This is a strategy for survival[…]

Exit Interview Questions To Help Enhance Your Business.

Obtaining honest feedback about company culture, morale, management, and your business as a whole should be a practised norm. It’s simply not effective to look to your existing employees for that information, as this is one-dimensional feedback. Their answers can be clouded by the desire to keep their job. Alternatively, businesses need to be looking[…]

Is Mystery Shopping the Key to Increasing Sales?

Having the ability to obtain direct feedback of the customer experience is essential for future growth and the ongoing improvement of business standards. Utilising Mystery Shopping is one of the best methods to discover and evaluate systemic issues. Case Study: In a recent study undertaken in the United Kingdom, a project was carried out to[…]

The Role of Mystery Shopping on Customer Experience (CX)

Mystery Shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools for evaluating employee performance and business operations but there are many more benefits, which contribute to building on a business’s strengths and weaknesses. So what are some of these benefits? All businesses set out standards and operational procedures for employees to follow and it’s not always[…]