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How To Assist New Employees To Feel Welcome.

Conducting the onboarding process has a dramatic effect on employee performance, engagement and even their tenure. However, gradually more and more demands have been added to the process (i.e. legal requirements, mandatory trainings, pages after pages of employee handbooks). And without warning what started as a positively effective strategy turned into a cascade of contract signing.[…]

Employee journey mapping: The foundation to getting the customer journey right.

It may or may not seem obvious but Employee Journey mapping is just as important as Customer Journey Mapping. ​​In fact, to be successful you need to have a strong focus on employee journey mapping before you can actually get the customer journey right. In today’s business environment, it is highly important for employers to create[…]

Why your customer feedback isn't always actionable and how to fix it!

The problem is not necessarily within the collected feedback data itself, but in how organisations attempt to extract actionable insights, to drive process improvements and change. Now more than ever, Customer Experience (CX) is quickly becoming the key brand differentiator for organisations. Furthermore, to be able to compete on CX, organisations must continuously be improving on it;[…]

How to support your customer service team during the cost-of-living crisis.

The pressure placed on customers is constantly spoken about, but what about the service staff on the frontline? Customer service staff need the full support of their business and regular CX feedback and guidance from their leaders during these difficult times too. The harsh reality of working within a customer-facing role is the abuse you may receive[…]

Conducting ‘Stay’ Interviews: Our Top 4 Opening Questions.

We are in a time when most organisations are struggling to attract and retain talent. However, conducting one simple intervention can help reduce turnover dramatically.  The team at HOED Research have concluded that “stay interviews” need to be normalised as a key operational strategy. Stay interviews are a powerful tool in helping managers retain top[…]