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My CX KPI’s are not moving! Why?

Your customer experience efforts aren’t moving the numbers… so what’s going wrong?   Let’s start with reference points This theory is great because it explains a lot about customer behaviour. Reference points describe what we use to compare one thing to another. This theory is helpful because we always evaluate things by comparing them to something[…]

Why brands are progressively looking to single-service CX providers.

New research suggests that businesses are progressively looking to single-service providers for their CX needs – with more than half of today’s organisations now utilising a single provider. The days of Companies adopting a best-of-breed strategy (i.e. utilising two or more different CX vendors to support their requirements) may have previously been a common strategy but[…]

A Record 19% of Brands have let CX Quality Slide in 2022!

Dont Let This Be You! The latest data from Forrester indicates that customer experience (CX) standards have fallen for 19% of brands in 2022 – taking CX quality back to early 2020 levels.  These statistics derive from the latest US 2022 Customer Experience Index rankings, which reported the highest proportion of brands to drop in one year since[…]

Today’s CRM Evolution for CX Success.

A recent report from Forrester Research has suggested that CRM is experiencing something of a resurrection among big brands:   “CRM is a foundational technology that enables customer obsession — a significant spend of $500,000 to $5 million a year for most companies,” “Enterprises originally deployed CRM to provide operational efficiencies for sales, marketing, and customer[…]

Top 6 tips for Designing a Total Experience.

In 2022, CX has become an essential KPI for organisations when it comes to enhancing revenue but it also places pressure on organisations to make rapid changes that will positively transform their customer experiences. The potential windfall of such a transformation is evident. According to a  Forrester study, brands with exceptional customer experiences tend to earn[…]

CX using Mystery Shopping: Meeting the demand of today's consumers.

Having the ability to obtain direct feedback of the customer experience (CX) is essential for sustainable growth and the ongoing improvement of business service standards. Utilising Mystery Shopping is still one of the best methods for discovering and evaluating systemic issues within your business. Why use Mystery Shopping? Mystery shopping was identified as the best[…]

Utilising NPS for CX Success.

Customer experience is an important driver of business goals and the ultimate success in any business; and since the Net Promoter Score (NPS) was invented almost 20 years ago, there has been a clear correlation between a highly positive NPS score & increased customer retention, reduction in customer churn & improved customer lifetime value (CLV).[…]

Small Business as the Backbone of the Economy.

It’s the classic line being spoken by most politicians and businesspeople around the country, which is “small businesses are the backbone of the economy,”. However, speaking from experience as a SME and working with many small business owners, New Zealand can be poor at looking after its ‘so-called backbone’. A recent article by MBIE explains just how[…]

The Role of Mystery Shopping on Customer Experience (CX)

Mystery Shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools for evaluating employee performance and business operations but there are many more benefits, which contribute to building on a business’s strengths and weaknesses. So what are some of these benefits? All businesses set out standards and operational procedures for employees to follow and it’s not always[…]