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3 Keys To Consumer Insights.

Understanding your consumers’ needs and wants has become essential to ensuring your organisations longevity in the future years. So, what are consumer insights? A consumer insight is an interpretation used by businesses to gain a deeper understanding of how their audience thinks and feels. Analysing human behaviours allows companies to really understand what their consumers[…]

Three strategies for improving CX in 2022

Consumers today are constantly presented with a wealth of options; this puts great pressure on organisations to ensure they deliver a consistently great customer experience that will ultimately help to build long-term and profitable customer relationships. However, recent studies show that brands are failing to do the job.  According to stats from PwC – “59% of global consumers[…]

What the Next Gen of Shoppers Expect from Retailers.

The last few years have been a whirlwind – the pandemic, climate crises, new technologies, inflation and the looming fear of recession hitting New Zealand sooner rather than later! With this constant state of flux, especially for retailers, it’s no wonder consumer expectations have dramatically changed. A new trend report from Inside Retail and Slyp called The Rise of Gen[…]