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What is the new tech really telling us?

Let’s face it we all love a new piece of tech, or a shiny new car, or a new mobile phone. However, when we speak of the new tech evolving within the ‘market research’ CX industry, many businesses still do not consider the ‘deliverable’ aspect sufficiently enough, before introducing new feedback methodologies. And let’s face[…]

Keeping customers happy during hard times.

Skimping on customer service is a common and sometimes costly response to tough economic times. However, by continuing to diligently manage the customer experience, companies can maintain quality while still saving money. The challenge that the economy is placing on consumer companies (i.e. airlines, banks, and retailers) is the difficult decision of cutting back the[…]

Top three trends to thrive post Covid-19.

While many businesses throughout New Zealand still struggle with the immediate effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of business strategy and forward-thinking cannot be ignored if you are to achieve long term success in a world after the crisis and beyond.  But what does this mean? In simple terms, business strategy becomes less of[…]