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Benefits of Mystery Shopping.

Mystery shopping is undoubtedly one of the best tools that businesses can use to measure the quality of service in their stores, staff performance levels, compliance with rules and regulations or simply just to acquire specific information about their products and services. Mystery shopping benefits the business as it gives owners reliable and objective feedback[…]

How is the cost-of-living crisis impacting customer loyalty?

New research reveals how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting customer spending and loyalty, and how this will impact brands. Just as we thought the world was about to return to normal after more than two years of uncertainty, along comes a global economic crisis, inflation trending upwards, and the lingering possibility of a recession commencing[…]

What is the new tech really telling us?

Let’s face it we all love a new piece of tech, or a shiny new car, or a new mobile phone. However, when we speak of the new tech evolving within the ‘market research’ CX industry, many businesses still do not consider the ‘deliverable’ aspect sufficiently enough, before introducing new feedback methodologies. And let’s face[…]

How To Assist New Employees To Feel Welcome.

Conducting the onboarding process has a dramatic effect on employee performance, engagement and even their tenure. However, gradually more and more demands have been added to the process (i.e. legal requirements, mandatory trainings, pages after pages of employee handbooks). And without warning what started as a positively effective strategy turned into a cascade of contract signing.[…]

Case Study: Achieving customer-centricity in Aged Care.

What does customer centricity look like in the aged care context? The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has highlighted the failures of the sector to meet customer expectations. Research into customer centricity in aged care has shown a link between customer experience and positive clinical outcomes. This research has also shown that customer[…]

Keeping customers happy during hard times.

Skimping on customer service is a common and sometimes costly response to tough economic times. However, by continuing to diligently manage the customer experience, companies can maintain quality while still saving money. The challenge that the economy is placing on consumer companies (i.e. airlines, banks, and retailers) is the difficult decision of cutting back the[…]

Why brands are progressively looking to single-service CX providers.

New research suggests that businesses are progressively looking to single-service providers for their CX needs – with more than half of today’s organisations now utilising a single provider. The days of Companies adopting a best-of-breed strategy (i.e. utilising two or more different CX vendors to support their requirements) may have previously been a common strategy but[…]

Top 6 tips for Designing a Total Experience.

In 2022, CX has become an essential KPI for organisations when it comes to enhancing revenue but it also places pressure on organisations to make rapid changes that will positively transform their customer experiences. The potential windfall of such a transformation is evident. According to a  Forrester study, brands with exceptional customer experiences tend to earn[…]

Hyper-Personalisation: Key to CX Growth.

Research has shown that nearly 70% of B2B customers and over 50% of B2C consumers want companies to better understand their needs. Which is hardly surprising. However, this is no surprise and the fact of the matter is that the better a brand understands you and your expectations as a customer, the more relevant that[…]

Four customer journey mapping gaps your business needs to close.

If your customer journey mapping efforts are falling short, odds are that one of these four gaps is to blame. Customer journey mapping has become a necessary tool in today’s competitive and forever evolving marketplace. It’s not without good reason either, customer journey mapping helps organisations understand what the customer experience currently looks like vs[…]