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Bad Data = Bad Customer Experience.

Poor data quality is frequently the cause of negative experiences for customers, leads and employees! What Defines Bad Data? Consumers produce vast amounts of data every day through their interactions with brands’ websites, apps, service centres and chat servers. Recent research has revealed that every single person creates 1.7MB of data every second, and humanity[…]

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mystery Shopping Company.

Mystery Shopping is still identified as one of the BEST TOOLS to measure quality of customer service, or to gather specific information about products and services, which can then be utilised to further train staff where necessary or to innovate and improve existing products and services so that they’re consistently aligning with or exceeding consumer expectations.[…]

Why your customer feedback isn't always actionable and how to fix it!

The problem is not necessarily within the collected feedback data itself, but in how organisations attempt to extract actionable insights, to drive process improvements and change. Now more than ever, Customer Experience (CX) is quickly becoming the key brand differentiator for organisations. Furthermore, to be able to compete on CX, organisations must continuously be improving on it;[…]

Three strategies for improving CX in 2022

Consumers today are constantly presented with a wealth of options; this puts great pressure on organisations to ensure they deliver a consistently great customer experience that will ultimately help to build long-term and profitable customer relationships. However, recent studies show that brands are failing to do the job.  According to stats from PwC – “59% of global consumers[…]