Hoed Training and Coaching

HOED Research provides a unique ‘blend’ of training and coaching, for small and large businesses alike.

Our approach is to customise a tested methodology to suit your business requirements. Broadly speaking, our purpose is to increase your team’s effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths and development needs, and to set challenging goals. Our approach is hands on yet places the onus squarely on the shoulders of the individual. We link the purpose and results of the training and coaching to the business.

Programme Agenda:

  • Introduction / background (the why)
  • Self-assessment
  • Written test
  • Role-plays (individual real-life scenarios are played out)
  • Panel assessment (scored)
  • Feedback
  • Report and discussion
  • Challenges set / accreditation target / training options

Groups are generally 5-10 in total across a half or full day, depending on content and materials.

To find out more, please contact the Hoed team to discuss your business requirements.

There are a variety of other services offered by Hoed Research, see below for examples:

  • Location Assessments (FTF) – covert face-to-face surveys
  • Audit & Compliance Checks – overt or covert assessments
  • Notified Assessments – overt measure of training success
  • Consumer Insights – product sales evaluation
  • Customer roleplay – for training purposes
  • BTB Insights – instore offering / promotional monies well spent
  • Merchandising – instore displays and merchandising
  • Telephone Surveys – customer experience
  • Web / Email Surveys – ease of use / response
  • Online Purchase – ease of use through to payment & delivery
  • Click & Collect – online purchase and store collection
  • Exit Interviews – visiting customer feedback
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – brand health check
  • BTB – Customer Experience Surveys – online via dashboard
  • Price Integrity – own or competitor pricing
  • Video Surveys – use of hidden video camera with audio
  • Audio Surveys – use of hidden audio recorders
  • Customer / Consumer roleplay – assist with training modules
  • Competitor Comparison Surveys – measuring the competition
  • Reveal Surveys – reveals for promotional purposes
  • Employee Satisfaction – direct feedback
  • Health & Safety – measuring compliance
  • Post Induction Surveys – measuring on-boarding success
  • Franchise Compliance Surveys – meeting required standards
  • Parallel Importing Surveys – illegal / copy product sales
  • Liquor, Tobacco & Gambling Compliance – standards & age restrictions
  • Loss Prevention Surveys – shrinkage appraisal
  • Best Shop Surveys – single brand or group competition
  • Real-time Customer Feedback – using Vigil Immediate
  • Vigil Engage with OKRs

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