Turn your customers into advocates with Hoed Mystery ShoppingMystery Shopping, New Zealand, Auckland, Professional

When customer service is the core of your business, you need to deliver the highest possible standard.

However, knowing where your team excels, and where they need additional training, is not straightforward. With regular mystery shopping you can ensure your team are representing your business well, and treating your customers with an exemplar quality.

Hoed Mystery Shopping delivers a simple and prompt solution by gathering and analysing customer service feedback on your behalf. We will provide you with accurate and impartial information that you will need to manage your team effectively, and to ensure that they are performing to the standard you require.

Tailored Solutions

With a professional field force that covers all major demographics and locations throughout New Zealand, Hoed can create tailored solutions to meet the needs of your business. We can also assist with tactical decision-making, by evaluating your current customer service offered and providing you with recommendations on areas that can be refined.

Competitor ComparisonInformation, Gathering, Information Gathering, Professional Reporting

Ensure you are well positioned against similar businesses with our competitor comparison service. We will provide objective information on your competitor’s performances and offered services, so you understand how you compare through the eyes of a shopper.

Compliance Audits

Making sure your team follows regulations and guidelines is paramount for a successful business. Businesses who do not follow laws and policies can be subject to legal enforcement. We can assist with measuring the accuracy and rate in which your company conforms to business compliances.

In-store Brand Evaluation

Your brand should always be represented appropriately by team members. We can evaluate your brand’s position in a store, and provide you with feedback and recommendations to increase sales.

Best Shop Surveys

Hoed undertake large-scale mystery shops for business awards and group competitions.
If you are looking to reach a new level of customer service, we can guide you in the right direction.

Find out more about Hoed Mystery Shopping here or contact us to discuss your business needs.