What do customers think of existing or new products or services?

Are you struggling to understand regional demand or demand within a local catchment area, by individual store or multiple stores, or services business? Or do you simply wish to receive feedback on a new product or service, or products and services already in the market? Ask any question. Based on your selected region or store/s Hoed Research will identify local Evaluators/Consumers (on our database) that live and work/shop in the area, to join your database (managed by Hoed) to provide feedback. Simply put, very important consumer insights. In consultation withyou we will build a survey questionnaire asking the hard questions. Feedback will be via an online portal with qualitative/quantitative responses and can be run weekly or monthly.

Assessment Areas

  • Any product or service offering.
  • New to market, test the viability.
  • Question branding or presentation issues.
  • Feedback on the process (online).
  • Competitor insights (product/price)

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