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Remain Competitive

Price integrity and competitor pricing is an important part of any businesses make up. Understanding if your business is displaying the correct pricing and comparing this pricing to your competitors enables you to adjust your own pricing to be more competitive. Hoed Research offers an extensive, tried and tested Price Integrity programme that many businesses currently utilise. Maintaining reasonable pricing is an important aspect of being a legitimate and reputable brand. Our extensive database of evaluators can check locations across New Zealand; there is no price too far for us to check. Consumers have a predisposition to deal with brands that constantly check the integrity of their pricing.

As a business that is committed to maintaining New Zealand’s desire for ‘fair business,’ HOED Research offers tailor made solutions to consistently check prices and provide high-level reporting that brands can use to track ‘front-of-house’ price changes.

Assessment Areas

  • Compare the competiton
  • Correct pricing/promotion displayed
  • Increase/decrease in prices
  • Trends in pricing
  • Out of stock

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