Poor service delivery – is it a function of the person or is it the system?

Setup your employees for Success

We often mistake poor performance as a function of the person, when in fact it may be the function of the ‘system’ in which that person or persons operate. This is very rarely ‘openly’ presented as being the case. What instantly springs to mind is the team or staff member has not performed optimally and requires retraining or general admonishment. Businesses often ignore or do not consider the system in which their teams operate, as being at fault. Do we unknowingly set our teams up to fail without even realising it?

This in turn leads to disgruntlement, a lack of urgency, continual operational problems, customer service issues, reduced productivity, reduced sales and ultimately a poor bottom line. A continuous cycle that is demoralising and leads to high staff turnover. Sound familiar? But who or what is at fault?

Assessment Areas

  • Make it about the customer.
  • Measure, measure, measure whilst continually updating staff training and procedures.
  • Simplify the customer journey and service.
  • Invest in your employees.
  • Don’t rely on past metrics to predict the future.

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