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“Businesses that use intelligent research to identify and understand their customers will always have an edge when it comes to delivering satisfaction. Happy customers will then be your champions, your advocates, and your spokespeople, therefore, customer satisfaction should absolutely be viewed as a powerful marketing tool, as important as any billboard, TV spot, or direct mail campaign.”

– Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research

Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience, CX Management, Audit and Compliance

Businesses need to listen to and engage with customers as never before. Hoed Mystery Shopping NZ Ltd are experts in Customer Experience Management and provide services that help clients achieve breakthrough levels of service performance and customer satisfaction.

Hoed’s core service is mystery shopping. Surveys include retail visits, online visits, phone calls and competitor comparisons. Each survey is tailored to the client’s individual needs and objectives.

Hoed provide timely insights from the consumer frontlines and go beyond measuring customer service data to making suggestions which increase customer satisfaction and sales. Hoed are committed to providing valuable feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of our client’s products and services. Results are reported in a timely manner and are available on the interactive Hoed Dashboard.

Our team has extensive experience in various business sectors, bringing to your business industry expertise and an understanding of the kinds of issues you face.

To find out more about becoming a Mystery Shopper, go to the Evaluator Application page.


Hoed’s points of difference in the Customer Experience Management field include:

  • Hoed has the industry’s largest database of active Mystery Shoppers located in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Work is allocated not just by the surveyor’s location, but by their specific background and knowledge.
  • The Program is flexible to amendments and changes to meet evolving requirements and objectives.
  • Questionnaires are objective and tailor made to client’s specific standards.
  • Hoed go beyond measuring and reporting data. A Plan for Action is attached to each and every questionnaire to encourage communication to staff and to enhance the implementation phase.
  • Hoed offer the opportunity for surveyed staff members to ‘Challenge’ results to ensure all results are correct and to provide feedback to the staff member.
  • The performance of every surveyor is measured on a regular basis for follow-up training and reinforcement.
  • HOED collects comments from Mystery Shoppers to provide a clear and objective “story” of the interaction.

Our Values

  • Think different – Exceed expectations, deliver value
  • Responsibility – Take ownership by taking responsibility
  • Respect – Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Open communication – Listen and learn
  • Happiness & humour – A laugh and a smile makes it all worthwhile
  • Recognition – Recognise and appreciate the efforts of others
  • Support – We are one team

HOED is proud to be associated with the following organisations.

Vigil. CEM Management, Automated Manager Consumer, Understand Business  MSPA is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources/mystery shoppers in the industry  Professional, Business, Research Company    Retail, Organisation, Business    CEM, Customer Experience Management