Online offering – how do you rate?

Vigil Smart Devices - Mall-25 As a reseller of goods and products it is essential that your ‘online’ offer matches your ‘offline’ capability (bricks and mortar locations). Essentially this means bringing together both your website and store/shop in a unified manner. When a customer is visiting your website to make an online purchase it is essential that the branding, look and feel, are consistent with your bricks and mortar location/s. Next you need to find out just how good your online offering is, how it performs from a user perspective. HOED can provide you with these insights by performing online surveys on your behalf. Surveys can include a purchase right through to courier delivery, or simply a review of your site without a purchase. HOED will measure and advise on such things as; website appearance, availability of key information, category browsing experience, product browsing experience, registration / purchase, product delivery, product condition and the overall experience. Contact Richard today on 0800 164470 to confirm your requirements, or email