Every interaction can be a happy one.

Gain immediate and important customer feedback based on your service or product offering.Whether this is in a physical location or on your website or after an email communication, collecting feedback is a proven way to maximising feedback at every point. And regardless of channel you have one place to view the insights. Our reporting service is easy to use and delivers the insights that you require to your browser or mobile phone. View the feedback by the interaction point by day, hour, and minute. Gleam those insights in just a few minutes of looking at the data. Within no time your leaders will have a grasp on the locations to focus on and the times and days to keep an eye on.

Q1. On a scale of 1-10 how likely is that you would recommend (your company/store name) to a friend or colleague?
Q2. Can you explain why you chose that score, please.

Assessment Areas

Gain feedback using any or all the following:

  • Instore standalone kiosks or pads.
  • Making use of QR Codes (in any environment).
  • Embed links into your website or EDMs.
  • Collect feedback via an Email, SMS, or Chat.

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