Mystery Shopping SCAM in the USA!

Further to our home page notification there is a Mystery Shopping scam underway in the USA. The scammers have targeted various Mystery Shopping provider websites for details including our own.

There is no impact on our New Zealand and Australian customers, however it is extremely frustrating having our branding and other details used to facilitate an illegal activity in the United States. The scammers are sending a cheque to would-be shoppers who in turn cash this cheque and are then required to purchase certain debit / gift cards which the scammers then cash in. At the same time they cancel the cheque provided, leaving the shopper out of pocket. Bank fees and costs are also incurred by the shopper.

All contact details are false with the use of aliases such as John Price and Cassandra Scroggins. The telephone contact provided simply goes to a voice mail and the email address is bogus.

This is fraud and HOED New Zealand does NOT operate in the USA, nor do we conduct our business in such an unscrupulous manner. Please do not be taken in by this scam and refrain from any further communication once contacted. Tell your friends and family members about the scam and if possible report to your local authorities. If uncertain please feel free to contact our offices in New Zealand for advice.


Kind regards,

Richard Potton