Measure your online presence

As online sales grow and shoppers become increasingly comfortable with both a ‘bricks and mortar’ and ‘online’ presence, it is necessary to measure, check, take stock of the latter’s delivery and the customer experience. HOED will develop a survey unique to your business which will systematically take a shopper through the total experience, from simply finding the required website to the ease of navigation, finding and selecting a product, making the purchase, checking out, the required online notices (email confirmations), to the time it takes to receive the goods and in what condition. There is no point in delivering an excellent in-store experience and a very average online experience or visa versa. Without a doubt both offerings are now an integral part of the other and will be viewed as a reflection of your business by the customer. Contact the HOED team at hoed or call Richard on 0800 164470 Twitter: @richardjpotton