Lack of face masks deters shoppers

Portrait of woman working at a bakery wearing a facemask to avoid the coronavirus – COVID-19 lifestyle concepts

Research completed by HOED Research has found that customers are more reluctant to return to shops where retail staff do not wear face coverings.

Shops where staff did not wear face masks reduced shoppers’ perceptions of safety and made them less likely to revisit a location. 45% of shoppers felt ‘Very Safe’ or 52% felt ‘Somewhat Safe’ where ALL staff were wearing masks, but this fell to 13% where staff did not wear any face masks at all.

In shops where all staff wore face coverings, 93% of shoppers surveyed felt they were ‘Likely’ to return. This number fell to 16% where shop staff did not all wear facial protection.

Our research findings suggest that in the current COVID-19 climate customers feel more comfortable if masks are worn, and that they would be more likely to return if this was the case.

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