Keeping The Human Interaction

In today’s digital age, the world has embraced technology like never before. While digital solutions have enabled speedier transactions and deliverables, they cannot fully replicate the personality, nuanced conversation, or rapport shared during an exchange between two human beings. The world is crying out for people to interact with and service our needs in the way only a human being can do.

However, some businesses have removed the ‘human’ element and are solely reliant on digital solutions for their customers. This approach may seem trendy, but it can lead to a purely ‘commodified’ approach to customer service. For instance, scanning a QR code and downloading a menu to order online whilst sitting in a restaurant, café, or bar may seem convenient, but it can also be a lazy approach to customer service.

Moreover, searching for an email or telephone number on a website to make an enquiry or ask a specific question can be frustrating. In many cases, customers are referred to a ‘knowledge’ database to search for the answer, but it is not always the answer they want.

There is a digital ‘wall’ with some businesses, making it easy to hide behind with the intent of ‘not’ interacting directly with the customer. This approach may increase across the board under the auspices of ‘digital adoption’ and ‘cost savings’ in terms of removing customer or frontline teams. However, it is important to consider the psychology, the human need for interaction, the social aspect, conversation, and meeting new people. Is life destined to be managed by programmers and digital walls?

In my view, businesses that have removed the ‘human’ element risk reduced loyalty and frustration from their customers. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between digital solutions and human interaction to provide the best customer service experience.

Hoed Research provides continuous feedback on customer interfaces, be it physical, auditory, or online. This is a valuable service that can help businesses quickly recognise problem areas and make the necessary changes to enhance the customer journey. We look forward to businesses taking advantage of such services to improve their customer service experience. If you have any questions and would like to find out more, please email or call +64 09 5790731.