Keeping Score with CRM

An alternative to utilizing the well-known NPS (Net Promoter Score), a linear numeric scale to track and receive customer feedback, is the use of an internal CRM Score, using a 1 to 5 response scale. The classic ‘Likert scale’ has participants agree or disagree (or approve/disapprove). 

What is a CRM Score? A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Score tracks and scores interactions with your customers, providing an important and immediate insight into the level of service provided by your organisation. Widely used as an internal KPI within the overall business, or by department, or at an individual store level. 

A CRM Score serves as a standard measure used to evaluate the process of delivering satisfaction to the customer needs within your organisation. The KPI can be setup across key activities that are critical to the satisfaction of the customer. Many businesses prefer the 1 to 5 rating scale since it’s simple and easily understood.

Businesses use this type of rating scale to gather information about satisfaction levels, frequency of use, loyalty, and other customer data. Customer response data, in turn, helps you determine which products and services are most effective. This data is essential for making informed decisions across all departments.

The Hoed Research team can have you setup in next to no time and will provide you with an email link, or hyperlink to share with your customers (example below).

Results are in real-time and can be tracked on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis via a personalised dashboard. 

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