It is as we thought all along!

shopper It is as we thought all along. Bricks and mortar are far from dead and will play a major role in any future retailing. We quickly forget we are humans first and foremost and can so easily get hung up on technology and the latest trends. Hot off the press research from Nielsen reveals a 40:40:20 rule at play behind the nearly two million New Zealanders shopping online. The primary drivers of this e-commerce are convenience at 40 per cent, price at 40 per cent, and range at 20 per cent.  Retail is converging, and online browsing converts to both online and in-store purchasing. Showrooming does occur, with 57 per cent of online shoppers looking at a product in-store and then purchasing it online, often to secure a cheaper price (only five per cent do this regularly). On the other hand New Zealanders are web-rooming, with more than eight in 10 (84 per cent) online shoppers going in-store to purchase an item following online browsing. Continue to create an omnichannel experience for consumers who are actively using both digital and physical platforms to research and purchase.