Is it time to ditch the NPS?

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Despite being a simple, easy to implement survey that serves as a benchmarking tool for customer satisfaction, the main problem with the NPS process is that it does just that: it measures Customer Satisfaction.

But when was the last time you recommended a brand or business because you had a satisfactory experience?

The other problem with the NPS system is the key question: What is the likelihood that a customer would recommend Company X to a friend or colleague?

In an era of inner social circles, what you would recommend to a friend might be different to what you would recommend to a colleague. And what you would share online will probably differ dramatically from what you would share offline.

To really understand how customers feel about your brand, you need to take a more qualitative approach that provides the all important “why”, not just the “what”.

A qualitative approach such as Mystery Shopping (Covert Experience Surveys) will ultimately tell you not only what a customer thinks, but how they feel and why.

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