How well does your team respond to online requests?

Are you easily reachable, do you respond in a timely manner?

In today’s challenging market conditions, businesses are feeling the pinch. But have you considered how well your team responds to online requests for your services?

Often, we overlook our own “front door” – the online forms, website enquiries, and social media requests that shape our digital presence.

Businesses sometimes fall into a “set and forget” mindset, focusing on day-to-day issues and existing clients or customers. Meanwhile, unnoticed problems can arise, such as broken website links, outdated email addresses, technical glitches in form submissions, or social media platform issues.

As customers ourselves, we know that encountering technical difficulties or receiving no response at all, leads us to seek alternatives – often from competitors.

Let Hoed Research conduct an independent assessment of your business’s “front door”. Do you promptly respond to all types of inquiries? Is your tone friendly, courteous, or disinterested?

You may be deeply disappointed or pleasantly surprised by the findings.

We don’t just provide critical insights; we partner with you to drive success.

Get in touch today, and let’s harness the power of data together. Email us at for more information. Alternatively feel free to reach out by filling in some details here, and we will get in touch.