How Mystery Shopping Can Benefit your Company

Happy customers are an important asset for essentially every company. 

Mystery shopping is one of the best tools to assess customer satisfaction, performance levels, cleanliness and gain exclusive information about certain products and services. 

Mystery Shopping has been embraced by companies who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of how their customers feel, and their shopping experience. It enables businesses to evaluate data on how to grow and improve customer satisfaction. 

Benefits to your business can be:

1..Know your opportunities and obstacles

The information given by a mystery shopper can be utilized to review your business methods and performances. With this information you can gain a better picture of your pluses and minuses, which will then give you an insight into how to develop and increase customer satisfaction. Mystery Shopping can identify the things you need to improve on and equally important identify areas in which your business excels in. 

2. Identify faults

Mystery Shoppers give an honest view, whether positive or negative on customer service. 

The main function of a Mystery Shopper is to look at numerous aspects of customer service, such as greetings, timings, helpfulness, closing of sale and most importantly overall friendliness towards the customer. 

3. Assess a marketing program

 You may have a new marketing idea that promises to boost your business, yet nothing happens. After a few weeks of no success without any feedback, it can be difficult to understand what went wrong. Mystery Shoppers can help you measure the effectiveness of any new marketing initiative. This can help to understand how a marketing campaign is going and the impact it is having on the business. 

4. Evaluate the Competition

Keeping an eye on competitors is part of good business strategy. By using a Mystery Shopper, will give you an insight into how the competition are doing their business. You can observe things that work for them and things that don’t.

You can replicate and improve on the processes that may have worked for your competition that are applicable to your business. By innovating, you can develop customer relationships and therefore help your business be one step ahead of the competition. 

5. Understanding Employees

A huge aspect of utilizing a Mystery Shopper program, is it will give you an understanding of how your employees are responding and interacting with the customer. You can discover problems that might need re-organising, re-training or re-evaluation. Ultimately, it provides businesses with the tools to best train employees and diminish the risk of lost business. 

How can Hoed Research help?

At HOED Research, we provide our clients with the best tools to measure customer service (CX). We have a great team, who have been trained to support and assess all details and requirements that a company needs. 

Finally, Hoed is a part of MSPA-Europe and MSPA Asia-Pacific, this means that we follow a ‘code of ethics’ which sets a bar of professionalism. Ultimately, being a member of MSPA is being a part of the goal to improve and motivate the recognition, performance, reputation, and use of mystery shopping.

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