How important is price in the sales process?

Do customers purchase purely on price? Many do, however if price is taken out of the equation a vast majority will factor in their history with you, the level of engagement with your staff at every level, and how they have been treated and served as a customer. Imagine there are price controls in place and the cost of a pair of black leather men’s shoes is consistent across the country, irrespective of size. You know you can buy these shoes at the same price from any store or shop, however the difference will be ‘how’ you are treated when considering which shop to make your purchase. If you are genuinely empathetic and go out of your way to welcome and look after the customer’s needs, I guarantee they will be lining up at the door. Can you imagine a little something extra like a cold orange juice on entering the store, an offer of a seat, and that oh so important ‘one-on-one’ customer engagement. Strip it right back to its basics and the one big differentiator is service – with a smile. Adopt customer niceness as a core virtue within your team.  Everything about the customer relationship has changed and you need to be renewing and re-building on those earlier relationships.