How has your business travelled this uncharted journey?

Handsome businessman having Video Conference at home

For every story of business devastation, we’ve equally heard and seen stories of triumph.Teams who may have been stretched in terms of geography, have come together to help your customers, deliver the value, support and service that you know your customers expect. There’s been a certain amount of ‘number 8’ wire mentality across so many organisations.

Consumers have quickly adapted to this weird shade of normal. Conversely, we’ve also heard of customer’s wanting everything to be delivered as it was before, and adjustments needing to be made to their expectations.

Like many of you, we’re all still working remotely. We’ve been helping some of you set up online surveys to measure how your people and your customers are finding your services, in this changed and charged atmosphere.
Like you, we’re looking towards May 11. Until then, we’ve adjusted our focus to help you with:

·         Online surveys (Tel / Web / Email / Click&Deliver)
·         Physical Click & Collect audits, (social distancing, hand sanitiser, masks)
·         Evidence of good hygiene standards
·         Queue management actively practised
·         Virtual consultations (benefits and downside)

You need to ensure your people are safe, focussed and your customers happy. We can help you keep tabs on what is happening.

Or we can use some of those old school preCOVID-19 methods!
Like Phone or email!

Best wishes, Richard
M: +64 274 484473