How customers respond to poor service

Following is an interesting chart displaying various responses elicited from customers post a poor customer service experience. Based on a quick calculation we estimate 39% of customers plan NOT to purchase your products or services again (16%, 13%, and 10%). This can increase by another 11% if the ‘not sure’ and ‘talk about on social media’ are taken into account. There may be potential cross-over within category responses, however we have no visibility as to what extent. Depending on how some of the complaints are handled in the 34% category, there may be further fall out here as well. However, putting that aside still leaves a whopping 50% of customers potentially not returning to purchase your products or services, based on a recent experience. Although indicative only this sort of response has to be of concern to any business. How do you think your own team are doing in meeting the needs of your customers? Negative Experiences