Hoed Research Wins Major Lotto NZ Contract

Lotto Hoed Research NZ has been awarded a three-year contract with Lotto NZ to help measure and improve its customer service offering and to track compliance requirements. Lotto NZ is a Crown entity which promotes, organises and conducts lottery games. Through the NZ Lottery Grants Board, Lotto NZ contributes money back into New Zealand communities through the funding of thousands of projects and organisations across New Zealand. Lotto NZ’s various games are sold online and through 1,350 independent lottery outlets around New Zealand. Lotto NZ has the largest retail network in New Zealand, which employs over 5,000 people. As Lotto NZ’s crucial channel for sales, information, and support, the retail network must comply with Lotto NZ’s exacting customer service standards and branding criteria. The agents are also responsible for complying with the legal requirements for the R18 restriction of Instant Kiwi sales. With 26 years of customer research experience, Hoed Research NZ will work with Lotto NZ on the measurement of its customer service delivery across the spectrum of product knowledge, operating procedures, physical display and branding. It will also employ tailored tools to monitor, assess and ensure adherence to the R18 compliance regulations for Instant Kiwi. “Lotto NZ’s selection of Hoed Research NZ is a significant vote of confidence in our work and success record” says Richard Potton, Managing Director of Hoed Research NZ. “We are the experts in customer experience feedback so we know that Lotto NZ chose Hoed Research NZ because of our extensive experience with customer research, mystery shopping and customer experience management.” Hoed Research NZ client testimonials can be viewed at www.hoed.co.nz/client-testimonials/ For further information please contact: Richard Potton Managing Director, Hoed Research 09 5790731 / 0274 484473 richard@hoed.co.nz Emilia Mazur General Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, Lotto NZ 09 385 9361 emilia.mazur@lotto.co.nz