HOED 'exit' interviews can assist profitability!

ziera Using our Vigil platform and nationwide network of interviewers (shoppers), we are able to provide a professional, non-intrusive approach to gaining immediate top-of-mind feedback from customers who have just visited a store or retail location, anywhere in NZ. We design easy to use questionnaires delivered across a multitude of platforms by using solutions that best fit your requirements, ensuring that you gain valuable insights into your front-end operations. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable demographic and behavioural data, plus direct feedback from customers who have purchased or from those that have simply walked out empty handed. For high foot traffic locations we are able to achieve up to 200 responses per store per day. This is a ‘real’ competitive advantage. Contact Richard Potton today on 0800 164470 to confirm your interest, or email richard@hoed.co.nz