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Audit the effectiveness of your Health and Safety training

We make auditing the effectiveness of your Health and Safety Training Child’s Play.

You know Health and Safety training is important, however measuring its effectiveness can prove difficult.

Behaviours that allow for safe workplaces require regular training, so compliance becomes a by-product of a safer workplace for everyone. It’s also essential you measure whether this training is understood and embedded.

In addition, when your Health and Safety practises are externally audited, having measurable proof your team have been trained is invaluable. For example, HOED Research worked with an organisation to create compliance questionnaires accessible, online for the staff to assess their understanding and compliance levels in Health and Safety.

Not only did this provide valuable ‘state of play’ updates to the leadership team, it also enabled the organisation to provide the results to auditors, demonstrating health and safety practises were embedded and understood within the company.

We’re able to create custom Health and Safety audit questionnaires with clear and informative reports for your organisation, using our online secure portals.

You can’t outsource your daily Health and Safety practises. But you can outsource the method of measuring how they are understood and followed by your teams.

Assessment Areas:

  • Online questionnaire
  • Responses for training purposes
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Feedback

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