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Planned discussion provokes consumer perceptions

A focus group is a gathering of deliberately selected people who partake in a planned discussion intended to provoke consumer perceptions about a topic, or an area of interest in an impartial environment.

Hoed Research can help businesses test out ideas, collate customer feedback on a new product, service or concept and assess the opinions of consumers.

Generally, a group of 6-8 people are selected to take part to ensure a good mix of individuals represent the target audience for the project. Each person in the group is encouraged to participate in the discussion which can be pre-planned and facilitated by Hoed Research.

Before running the focus group, Hoed Research can design a discussion guide, or a questionnaire to ensure the participants cover topics which are of interest to the client.

Focus groups tend to last around 1-2 hours and include refreshments, and sometimes giveaways, which are provided by the client.

Assessment Areas:

  • Consumer insights
  • Likes & dislikes
  • Recommendations
  • Product potential
  • Improvements

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