Exit Interview Questions To Help Enhance Your Business.

Obtaining honest feedback about company culture, morale, management, and your business as a whole should be a practised norm. It’s simply not effective to look to your existing employees for that information, as this is one-dimensional feedback. Their answers can be clouded by the desire to keep their job.

Alternatively, businesses need to be looking to those employees who are leaving because they have nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

The best way to obtain honest feedback, in this case, is by implementing a process for exit interviews to be conducted. As a business owner or manager of a business, you might be wondering “how do I get the valuable information I’m looking for?” Well, that’s the easy part because It all comes down to asking the right questions.

The Team at HOED Research sat down and collated a list of 25 of the best Exit Interview questions. In this article we’re sharing with you 5 of our best exit interview questions –> For the full list of 25 questions simply CONTACT US today and we’ll personally provide you with a copy.

Every business will be different, which means that you simply pick and choose according to your needs, or use them all to gain deep insight into your employees and your business.

5 of Our Best Exit Interview Questions To Help Enhance Your Business.

1) Why Did You Start Looking For Another Job?

The answers you get to this question will always be unique to the individual, as everyone starts looking to switch jobs for different reasons. The benefit to your business comes over time when you start to detect common themes in the answers and make improvements to eliminate or lessen the identified theme.

2) Why Are You Leaving?

You may see these first two questions as the same, however, they’re very different because the employee may have started looking to switch jobs for one reason but the final decision could hold very different reasoning. 

These two first questions help you determine everything that prompted the employee to leave. Leading up from their initial dissatisfaction to the final straw that resulted in their resignation. 

3) What Does Your New Job Offer That Influenced Your Decision To Leave?

This question will indicate the specific details of where your company was and is lacking. Typically, It comes down to a few things – i.e. company culture, pay or benefits, lack of flexibility etc.

4) Did You Feel Like A Valuable Member Of The Team?

Typically, If the answer to this question is no, you can use it as an indicator to assume that there may be others in your organisation who are feeling the same way. 

The answer to this question can help you determine the problem and will help you to take steps to remedy the situation before it exuberates. 

5) How Can We Improve Our Training And Development?

Employees will leave their job for a variety of reasons, but more commonly it is because they didn’t feel as if they were growing, developing or improving as much as they would like. 

Training and development are less about learning new skills or advancing up the ladder and more about keeping employees engaged in their work. If you can identify how to effectively do that, you can increase overall employee retention.


You don’t have to wait for the exit interview to ask these questions, you can incorporate these questions into performance reviews or everyday conversations to stay ahead of the game. Identifying concerns before they become a problem is a perfect way to retain valuable employees and keep your business running smoothly.

Here at HOED Research, we conduct Exit Interviews on your behalf via Phone (best method) or Email link to an online survey and provide you with professional reporting which contains the actionable insights you need for the improvement and continued success of your business.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, our team is readily available to help. CLICK HERE for your copy of the full list.

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