Independent Evaluator Agreement

Please read this agreement before submitting your application. It sets out the terms and conditions of your relationship with Hoed Mystery Shopping NZ Ltd trading as Hoed Research Ltd (here-in-after referred to as Hoed).

  1. You may apply for the assignments that Hoed offers via its portal on an assignment-by-assignment basis as an independent contractor. You are not an employee of Hoed, and Hoed is not your employer.
  2. Hoed will not withhold taxes from any payment you receive from Hoed, nor will Hoed calculate or pay any taxes on your behalf.  You are responsible for any taxes due from the payments you receive from Hoed.
  3. You are under no obligation to accept assignments made available and Hoed is under no obligation to provide you with assignments, or to accept your application for any assignment available.
  4. Acceptance of assignments creates an implied contract between Hoed and yourself as an Independent Contractor. In the event you are unable to perform an accepted assignment, you agree to notify Hoed promptly by phone, email or text so that the assignment can be issued to another evaluator.
  5. The amount of payment for each assignment is stated clearly in the details of each assignment shown as available on your job board.
  6. Mystery sometimes requires the purchase of goods or services by an evaluator.  Evaluators are reimbursed for such purchases, up to the purchase amount stated on the assignment. For reimbursement to take place, an applicable, itemised receipt must be provided for any purchase made.
  7. You must follow all instructions relating to the assignment and the way in which it must be conducted.  Failure to do so may make your survey invalid.
  8. You are not to duplicate or disseminate any of Hoed’s materials, or any part thereof, in any way or form, without prior written consent of Hoed.
  9. Full and complete confidentiality of all information provided to you is required.
  10. You agree that you will not accept an assignment if you are an immediate family member, employee, or an ex-employee of any Hoed client, or their direct competitor.

For further information regarding the survey allocation process and accepting assignments, please visit our Become a Service Evaluator page.

All information and materials provided remain the property of Hoed and are therefore Privileged and Confidential. Any attempt to copy Hoed materials for your own gain or that of a competitor, will result in Hoed taking legal action. Hoed reserves all legal rights.