Enhancing The Customer Experience: Mystery Shopping AND Digital Platforms

Both digital platforms AND mystery shopping play an essential role in gathering customer feedback, but their importance depends on the context and goals of the business.

It is important to proactively manage any digital channel and not simply setting (implementing) and forgetting. This is why mystery shopping becomes important as it provides a necessary ‘check’ or second pair of objective eyes (literally).

Let’s consider the importance of each.

  1. Digital Platforms:
    1. Importance: High
    2. Advantages:
      1. Scale: Digital platforms allow businesses to collect feedback from a large customer base efficiently.
      2. Real-Time Insights: Immediate feedback helps identify issues promptly.
      3. Cost Effective: Digital surveys and reviews are cost-efficient.  
    3. Limitations:
      1. Bias: Responses can often be skewed due to self-selection bias and randomised feedback.
      2. Limited Depth: Surveys may lack depth compared to in-person interactions.
      3. Survey Fatigue: Providing service feedback is no longer a novelty and is more often ignored, deleted or avoided.
  2. Mystery Shopping:
    1. Importance: High
    2. Advantages:
      1. Quality Insights: Mystery Shopping provides detailed qualitative and quantitative firsthand observations.
      2. Human Element: Evaluators mimic real customer experiences.
      3. Contextual Understanding: In-person visits capture nuances and other important feedback.
      4. Targeted: Can be used to target areas of importance or those lacking performance insights.
    3. Limitations:
      1. Sample Size: Limited to smaller subset of interactions.

In summary both methods complement each other, offering a holistic view of customer experiences. Businesses should use a combination of digital platforms and mystery shopping to gain ‘comprehensive’ insights.

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