CX using Mystery Shopping: Meeting the demand of today's consumers.

Having the ability to obtain direct feedback of the customer experience (CX) is essential for sustainable growth and the ongoing improvement of business service standards. Utilising Mystery Shopping is still one of the best methods for discovering and evaluating systemic issues within your business.

Why use Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping was identified as the best methodology to meet the objectives because it is the only methodology that evaluates the experience designed (i.e. Customer Journey Mapping) versus the experience delivered (i.e. Customer Service Provided). It can be used both operationally and strategically, as it provides insight to several different departments within a business.

To put it bluntly, you don’t go into business with the intention of providing an ‘acceptable or average’ level of customer service, you go into business to blow your competition out of the water and to be the best in the market. Because by providing a great service, you’re securing your businesses success. A happy customer and positive customer experiences lead to various significant benefits. For example, repeat business, word of mouth recommendations and overall profitability. 

At HOED Research we have over 28 years’ experience in providing NZ businesses with CX Mystery Shopping Solutions that help drive positive and consistent consumer experiences by supporting performance with actionable insights in areas proven to impact satisfaction and drive sales. 

We are passionate about helping businesses to meet the demand of today’s consumers by delivering positive consumer experiences, maintaining a strong brand image and recommendations to drive action through tactical and strategic insights that drive profitable growth across all products and/or service channels.

Building a bespoke CX Mystery Shopping program on your behalf is relatively straight forward and we can have you up and running within a week. Contact the team at HOED Research to arrange a Teams or Zoom Skype to discuss further.