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Customer journey and how your customers interact with your business directly and indirectly is critical in driving improved value, repeat business and longevity of relationship.

There are two levels to the customer journey, the macro-journey and the micro-journey. Macro covers the broader ‘research, purchase, use, feedback’ whilst the micro level includes examples such as, a quick visit to the store, returning a product, calling support, those regular smaller interactions with the store or business.

To evaluate and/or map the customer journey the exercise must be completed from the ‘customer’s’ point of view, and NOT how the business expects the customer to use various processes or systems. Hoed can provide actual customer feedback to determine the path taken. This process will identify GAPs where there is no or conflicting messages and processes. Minimising negative customer experiences, through identification of key steps is vital.

The customer journey will build up a picture of the various ‘touch points’ the customer has with your business, which effectively become Key Result Areas (KRA’s). These become measurable and therefore manageable. Core purchase channels can be described as:

  • Store
  • Website
  • Call Centre

This can be expanded to include:

  • Marketing channels (email, postal, telephone, social media, blogs etc.)
  • Order fulfilment (payment, delivery, returns etc.)
  • Research channels (website, consumer forums, store, customer services, etc.)

Assessment Areas

  • Marketing channels (email, postal, telephone, social media, blogs, etc)
  • Order fulfilment (payment, delivery, returns, etc)
  • Research channels (website, consumer forums, store, customer services, etc)

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