A customer just walked out of your store.

There is an 81% chance they will not be back due to a poor customer experience.

The voice of the customer is getting louder. If you want to build a strong, profitable company that people love to buy from, there are no secrets or tricks. What matters most is Customer Service. No matter what your company sells, you’ve got to provide appropriate Customer Service or you will always be competing on price and discounting is a sure way to kill your business. By creating a point of difference in your Customer Experience offering, your company can exceed the needs and expectations of your customers and clients while creating an outstanding environment for them to do business with you.

Providing a great customer experience turns customers in to advocates. 53% of customers would recommend a business while 52% feel encouraged to spend more when provided with superior customer service.

In the same way that a great customer experience creates advocates, news of a terrible customer experience spreads quickly, especially in this age of Social Media. 74% of customers tell others about poor treatment and 20% have posted negative feedback online.


How would you rate these customer service experiences?


Bad service example                                                                              Good service example