Customer Experience Management market to grow!

shopper Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the overriding concept driven from high competition among various industry verticals. The major differentiator is how well a business services their customer base. Gone are price / cost differentials, supply chain differentials and individualised product offerings. Businesses now compete in mass markets where it is practically impossible to supply a unique product economically or for a long enough period, before it becomes commoditised and is quickly proliferated, thus removing any unique advantage. To achieve success in this highly dynamic world, companies need to implement innovative technologies and measures, which support and grow the customer interaction. Competition is fierce and will only grow more so, therefore in order to differentiate oneself from industry competitors it is paramount that businesses better understand their customers, and are prepared to give their customers an enhanced experience, thus enabling customer loyalty and business longevity. It is all about the customer and how you treat and service their wants and needs. Providing the best service delivery and having a total understanding of the customer, will ultimately bring huge rewards. HOED and VIGIL collect, collate and analyse unique customer feedback data and are able to work with you to gain greater insights into your own service delivery and customer experience, enabling change and an enhanced customer experience. For an obligation free discussion please contact Richard Potton at or visit a website at or